“Forced Sterilization” is a term that we associate with the past. However, what many people fail to realize is that these procedures are still performed across the globe. Along with that, there are still scientists in the United States who believe that this should be put into practice once again. I chose this topic because it is very relevant to people today, and I think that people ought to be aware of it.

Scholarly Article: 

The following link will take you to The Harvard Law School Human Rights Journal. The article is about people forcibly being sterilized when they are HIV positive.

John P. Holdren is the assistant to President Barrack Obama for Science and Technology. The following link will take you to an article that references Holdren’s view on sterilizing people on welfare:


Video links:

This link will take you to a clip from the Anderson Show. It features a woman who was sterilized against her will after she was raped:

The following video link is about forced sterilization in American today. It describes the repercussions of sterilization that took place in America before WW2 and discusses what North Carolina did after the war when other states revoked the practice:!

“I’m appalled that the North Carolina Senate today took no action to compensate the victims that we as a state robbed of their rights to reproduce and to have children,” Parmon said. “At this point, I have lost all hope.”

-Democratic Rep. Earline Parmon


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