Hi all!

I absolutely love learning about how and why people do the things they do. Don’t you? For me sociology has been a way to be really reflective and examine my life while trying to understand people from other groups and cultures. It is about learning about the lenses that I view life through and pondering how that effects the way I view different situations. Image


This photograph in particular reflects just how much I have taken my privileged upbringing for granted, it wasn’t until this year when I read Robert Neuwirth’s Shadow Cities that this dawned on me.

This video really put me in my place this week and I think that you will find it particularly troubling as well that as privileged American’s we let our minute problems feel so large.

Check it out: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uAp4rAqK7UI

How did the video make you feel? I know that I am guilty of these sorts of complaints daily.

A little more about the author:

I am an advocate for minority voices being heard and I believe that there is something to be learned from every one of these individuals. My life has been greatly changed for the better through the lives of the people I have worked with and I don’t really have the words to give it justice. I have worn a lot of different hats when it comes to work but nothing can compare to the joy I find in being a Developmental Therapist.

-I am compassionate

-I am passionate

-I am a writer and painter

In my spare time when I am at work or school I paint and write. It is rare that I do not have something to say through the written word but I found one exception; painting. Painting is the only thing that clears my mind.

-strong willed

-lifelong learner

-animal lover

-child of God


-I am deeply troubled by injustice and I believe that you should be as well.

Take a look around and enjoy!!